World Congress on Medicine and Healthcare-2019

World Congress on

Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine

October 14-15, 2019
Hotel Ibis Paris Porte de Montreuil, Paris, France.

Theme : "Stem Cells: Innovations and Applications"

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Abstract Topics

  • Tissue, stem cell Preservation & Bio banking.
  • Future prospects of stem cell research and regenerating medicine.
  • Stem cell in Treatment of immunodeficiency and Autoimmune diseases.
  • Genome Editing in Stem cell and Tissue regeneration.
  • Adipose Tissue and Lipogems Treatment.
  • Rare Disorder Treatment via Gene therapy and Stem cell therapeutics.
  • Bioethics of Stem cell research.
  • Stem cell in Treatment of Impairments of the brain.
  • Stem cell therapy in veterinary medicine.
  • Stem cell in Disease modelling and drug discovery.
  • Rehabilitation and Tissue Engineering.
  • Cancer stem cell and Oncology.
  • Clinical Trials and Regulatory Challenges in stem cell research.
  • Stem cell and Gene Therapy.
  • Stem cell and Nanotechnology.
  • Stem cell in Treatment of Hematopoietic disorders.
  • Reprogramming in stem cell and Transplantation.
  • Stem cell and Bioengineering.
  • Stem cell Therapy and Applications.
  • Stem cell apoptosis & Signal Transduction.
  • Computational Biology and Bio informatics and bio statics in stem cell Research.
  • Insight in Stem cell.
  • Stem cell Products and Commercialization.
  • 3D bio printing & bio fabrication.
  • Stem cell in Treatment of Neurodegerative disorder.
  • Microbes in stem cell Research and Gene Therapy.
  • Stem cell in Treatment of Cardiovascular disorder.
  • Gene Therapy and Molecular basis of Regeneration.